Thursday, January 21, 2010

Home Soda Fountain Machine Fast Food- Ever Seen Maggots In The Soda Dispenser Spouts?

Fast food- Ever seen maggots in the soda dispenser spouts? - home soda fountain machine


My friend was at Costco the other day and told me that was while waiting in line for lunch, visit an employee to clean the jets of the fountain soda, as worms in it!

I know know nothing about other facilities, but here is an open-source stand, rather than behind the counter. So you can see how easy it is for the flies crawling on fountains of soda and lay their eggs (ughh) available ... but I can not imagine that one day if unless the employee responsible, because it cleaned the pipes? "

My friend, who saw it said it should not be cleaned for a while longer, because there be so many! And I would imagine, people who will clean drinking a soda before.

I talked to my sister who is in the food industry works with a vending machine at work. She was obviously turned green and informed me that I never heard of worms in the water point ever, and his work is always clean water points. Funny, but she returned to work and last night was the whipped puppyon his face. He has never cleaned the gutters of history, and had expected a pleasant surprise.

My question is, as customers, we are entitled to the direction that we want to see if the fountains of self-service soda have been cleaned, you ask?

Or is there a way we can quickly open and check us out without the attention of the staff?

There are more and more eating places, you can cool off, and do not follow this course, you can see, the worms are well into the beak.

PS-I already asked my sister, how can I check, and she did not answer. I suppose it could embarrassed to check the sales of soda and curious visitors to what will be done in


Larry E said...

Sources, I have worked in 40 years. Your friend is not mistaken.If injectors cleaned once a week can build a dirty shit, but could not all the worms in them. If you were from eating places where the tap water are reported, was run.All fast as I am every night and pretty clean. Some stores allow pampered on their own check I'm sure you will not only show them to disperse. I suppose if you fear that you need to buy drinks in bottles.

Jaff said...

I used at the site of Burger King and clean water to work each day and they were soaked overnight in disinfectant. I have never seen anything on it dirty once, only the syrup from Coca-Cola!

Sandra said...

say, a vending machine (the filling of his own), and McDonald's, Costco, etc. Apprently and the dirtiest things are always ...

unnamed said...

* Vomit

Gooner1 said...

Nice! I prefer the cockroaches!

Gooner1 said...

Nice! I prefer the cockroaches!

Gooner1 said...

Nice! I prefer the cockroaches!

MsMc said...

NO! I have never seen worms in the soda fountain jets. I do not drink soda, fortunately.

MsMc said...

NO! I have never seen worms in the soda fountain jets. I do not drink soda, fortunately.

Ray said...

Really? Worms?
I think it is a bubble cleaning.

Karamazo... said...

In one episode, I saw bones.

Never in my life, even if
Sounds gross.

Em said...

I think, 1 Never go to Costco and 2 more. If you live in a fast-food place in the kindergarten, where the nozzles are clean. The Dude is yes problem, see for yourself whether what you think is fair. Or just buy cans of soda

Oh no u didn't said...

1) You wrote that you need to reduce it.
2) Do not eat on the premises that the degree of consolidation of less than 90th
3) Do not believe everything you hear, there's a good chance that your friend fibbed.

If you are very concerned that this got to do your paranoia, do not eat at fast food places.

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